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Why BEO?

You may come across various industrial behemoths when it comes to choose your service partners or perhaps you may believe in their number games.

Well, you may be right, BUT the idea of differentiating the BEST from the good can be caught hold by only taking a trial run. why wait? We are here to help you.

As mentioned, with an experience of more than half a century, BEO has strategically spread out its wings. From a detailed one on one interaction with the client to a well planned execution and yes, the policy to be FAIR above all makes us all enjoy what we do.

Here are few good reasons why you would like to keep us as your service partner-

  • Started in 2013, BEO is amongst fastest growing organization in BGC industry.
  • Majority of BEO’s clients sign from word-of-mouth reference of past and current clients.
  • Founders and directors of BEO are amongst the pioneers of employee background and offshore services and are well known and respected by BGC fraternity.
  • BEO is known for in-time response, results and transparency in process. Contract of engagement is made available to a prospective client prior to payments and thus the client knows the terms of engagement with our company.
  • BEO provides its verifications from authorized record-keepers to its clients who take up our services of various verifications. This is more of a contrast to most of the other players in the market who are merely verification companies, providing verification from NOT authorized person, department or agency. They only give back to the client what is already shared by the candidate and after that leave the client to fend for self for the rest of the details. Do ask these questions from your existing or potential vendors and then compare BEO services, industry standing and pricing. Then there are companies whose advertisements and websites mention that they have affiliations from multiple governing bodies across the world on papers but lack those expertise, skills and passion to keep up to their benchmarks.
  • Clients get RESPONSE from BEO; whatever be the situation and if that does not happen the matter is escalated – first to the HOD and then to the CEO – within no time!
  • BEO has a very able and experienced back-office process team. This is important because for career-defining decisions, you should not be dealing with rookies.
  • BEO service charges are reasonable for what we bring to the table for our clients. You get top class services, at fair prices.
  • With BEO leaders having a total experience of more than 50 years, which gives BEO knowledge and understanding through precedents of earlier practices and cases. We learn through difficult times along with failures and success and apply that knowledge for effective management of the present and future cases. And, this is very helpful to our clients.

Interested in hiring services of one of the expert and best knowledgeable companies in BGC industry? Just send your business requirements to and try our services for sample verification on FOC basis. DO IT RIGHT NOW!!

Fill in the form or call us at – +0120 4600706  to fix an appointment at your convenience and get started!